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Artava supports people,
initiatives, projects and companies
in the social and economic sectors.

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Free, flexible
and independent.

Artava is dedicated to the many ways in which capital could make an impact.

We start with a conversation. People
and companies approach us or we
approach them. We develop a mutual
interest. This can lead to a cooperation
in the form of loans, equity or advisory processes.

We dare innovation.
We are open
to the unexpected.

We invest in ideas that we
consider meaningful and feasible.
When it comes to implementation, we trust
the people responsible and their initiative and drive.
We look for theoretical and practical skills, social
empathy and imagination. We are interested in the
social, intellectual and legal processes involved in the development of projects and workflows. This leads us
to clearly evaluate the particular circumstances and
then to seek individual solutions.

We seek encounters
with curiosity and interest.

that concern us: